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The Sealite SL60 is the world’s most popular and versatile 2nm solar marine light.

Made from tough, durable polycarbonate and using the latest high intensity LED’s, no expense has been spared in the design and development of this lantern.

The SL60 can be installed in minutes, and requires no operator intervention. The flashcharacters are easily adjusted on-site by the user, and the lantern has a permanent ON/OFF switch for easy storage.

During daylight hours the solar module will charge the battery, and the lantern will automatically begin operation at dusk – once the ambient light threshold drops sufficiently.

The SL15, SL60 and SL70 lanterns are the only compact marine lanterns available with a sealed battery compartment, allowing the battery to be replaced after years of service – don’t throw the light away at the end of the battery service life.

The unit is sealed using polycarbonate bonding compounds similar to those used by major automobile manufacturing companies.

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